Q. How can I obtain images of The Black & White Ball of Northern Nevada?

A. First, please go to our photo gallery to see if the image you're interested in is available online.   Images in photo gallery used must include credit listed below each photograph.

Q. How can I obtain an image that isn't part of the gallery?

A. Please contact Geno Leonard- Photos by Geno via e-mail at ugeno@hotmail.com  Include a detailed description of the image(s) you're requesting, what your usage would be, your publication's circulation, and your deadline.  

Q. What is the proper credit line for Black & White Ball images?

A. Unless otherwise noted- please credit all Black & White Ball  images, "Courtesy of Geno Leonard, Reno, NV."

Q. What are your guidelines for shooting film, video, video or still photographs?

A. We are always happy to accommodate these media requests.  To inquire about a possible shoot, please submit the following details to us via email:

  • - What organization do you represent?
  • - On what network/stations or publication will the piece  appear?
  • - When will the program air? (date/time)
  • - How will The Black & White Ball be featured in the piece?
  • - Would you like to interview a Black & White Ball spokesperson on a particular subject?
  • - How much time, including set-up and breakdown, do you anticipate will be needed?
  • - What are your electricity needs?
  • - How many people are in the crew?